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Whether you are on a diet to lose weight, or aiming for better health by improving your eating habits, the foods targeted to avoid are the same.

Delicious goodies are loaded with salt, sugar, and/or fat.  By purchasing a better version of these ingredients you will need less of them.  Restaurant and food companies are in the business of cooking up the cheapest possible concoction for you to eat.  To know what you are eating you must have control by preparing and cooking your own food.



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Depriving yourself of food you crave will only drive you to crash into a bucket of the desire delight later.  So have a bite or two and move on, back onto your diet.  If you have a sweet tooth, like I do, keep your desserts, ready to eat in the fridge, small portions and designed by you, with ingredients that matter.

“Oh! Have a piece of cake”. In a social situation, do not allow saboteurs to influence your initial eating goals for that occasion.

Food shopping plays an important role in keeping away the yummy stuff. If it is not in your fridge or pantry, you will substitute with food that you have and if you control that by buying right you are succeeding.


Disclaimer: These are tips/opinions from a layperson. I believe good eating is paramount for a healthy existence. 


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