Returning To Self After A Loss


my existence

broken glass

that does not fit


floating to uncharted lands

looking for solace



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Life Coaching by Carioca Da Gema


During a life changing event, it is important not to hold on to your emotions as each burst peels a layer that at the end of this painful journey will help you see clearer.

Assert to yourself of whom or what is no longer there. Find within you a place to allocate your loss;  it should not be forgotten but it must be rearranged, taking a side or back stage on the life you have ahead.

Focus all your energy on getting back to self. Make an inventory of your life and decide if you are going to adjust or reset life with a clean slate. Do what feels right! Make self strong for you and others that may depend on you.

Numbness conceals pain, but in the long run pain is universal and will pass or diminish while numbness will develop into other negative ways in which you look at life changing your personality to a lesser you.


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